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AYSF Classes

Serving the community by sharing our volunteer's knowledge

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(We will send out a zoom link and other supplemental material once you fill out the form. Sign ups will be rolling even as class sessions start)


Introducing AYSF classes!

Starting this year, AYSF volunteers are offering one-hour-long classes each week across various topics for the span of 6 weeks, the week of September 5th to the week of October 10th.

Classes will be held virtually through zoom and are free. You can sign up for as many courses as you want.


With the COVID pandemic still lingering around, many students have had limited opportunities to socialize, learn and grow. This terrible situation has impacted many people in so many ways which is why the Amateur Youth Sports Foundation is offering free online courses of various subjects taught by our volunteer members. In addition, our members are teaching fun and exciting subjects that students might not normally have the opportunity to learn about!

Note: No prior knowledge is necessary for any class!

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Courses Offered

Web Design (HTML & CSS) for Middle Schoolers
Wednesdays 5 - 6 pm Pacific Time
     This course is for beginners to learn how to code while having fun. HTML and CSS function with little Javascript makes professional interactive websites! It is easy to learn and creates fancy outputs.
    If you are interested in creating fun websites, this course is for you!

English for 4th - 6th Graders
Fridays 7 - 8 pm Pacific Time
     This course will teach you how to become a strong and professional writer and the classes will increase your writing and reading knowledge! We will be exploring the different parts of a strong essay such as, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and overall hooking the readers into your essay!
     If you struggle with reading or writing, we will be able to help with your skills and improve them for you to become a successful writer in the future!

Introduction to Java for Middle Schoolers
Sundays 8:30 - 9:30 am Pacific Time
     Java is a widely used computer programming language with endless possibilities! This course will cover basic to intermediate Java, from basic syntax, functions, arrays, to more complex classes, objects, and algorithms. We will be creating snippets of programs like calculators and games to further practice your computer science skills.
     If you have no idea what Java is (or even what computer science is) this class is for you! The vast field of computer science is exciting and this class teaches the necessary skills to write fun and useful programs.

Japanese 1A/1B for Middle Schoolers
Sundays 10 - 11 am Pacific Time
     This course will introduce the basics of the Japanese language. In Japanese there are 3 alphabets but in this course we will be going over 2 of them: Hiragana and Katakana.
     Introducing ourselves in Japanese culture is a little different so if you want to introduce yourself like in your favorite anime -- this is the course for you!

Meet The Instructors

Eunho Lee 
Web Design Instructor

Eunho is a 11th grader at Homestead High School.

She programs competitively and holds Silver rank in the USA Computing Olympiad (USACO).

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Kaylee Yoshida 
English Instructor

Kaylee is a 9th grader at Homestead High School. 

She has been learning specific English writing and reading skills for over 6 years. She has received all A's on reports and essays.

Carolyn Pyun 
Java Instructor

Carolyn is a 12th grader at Saratoga High School.

She has taken AP Computer Science and various college level CS courses. She got a 5 on the AP Computer Science exam. She also holds a silver rank in USACO and has been teaching Computer Science to students for the past three years over the summer.


Camryn Ogawa 
Japanese Instructor

Camryn is a 9th grader at Palo Alto High School.

She has been learning Japanese for about 3 years. She has also gone to Japanese summer schools for years.

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